Magistrate Judge Vacancy in Topeka

The Judicial Conference of the United States has authorized the appointment of a United States Magistrate Judge for the United States District Court, District of Kansas at Topeka, Kansas. For additional details, see the Public Notice of Magistrate Judge Vacancy and the Order Appointing the Merit Selection Panel.


  •       To apply, complete the Application Form and follow submission directions in the Public Notice.


WEBINAR RECORDING (September 21, 2018)

The U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas held a webinar on Friday, September 21 about federal magistrate judge positions in Kansas. The webinar covered the following topics:

1. Magistrate Judge Duties
2. Salary and Benefits of a Magistrate Judge
3. Recruitment/Reappointment Process
4. Question & Answer Session

We will post a recording of the webinar soon.  You may also view the Magistrate Judge Webinar Slides.



Application Form (file)
U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas