Changes in Handling Cooperator Information

New District of Kansas Local Rule CR49.6.1 will take effect on March 17, 2019. At that time, the process for handling information regarding the potential or actual cooperation of criminal defendants in the District of Kansas will change. The clerk’s office will create a Restricted Document Folder in every felony criminal case whether or not a defendant may cooperate with the government. Any and all documents or pleadings containing cooperator information must be submitted by the government and the defendant to the presiding judge to determine whether placement in the Restricted Document Folder is warranted. The docket sheet will not reflect the Restricted Document Folder or any documents contained therein. Access to the Restricted Document Folder will be limited to the Court and counsel of record.

Detailed information regarding the new process will be available in early 2019. To review D. Kan. Rule CR 49.6.1 click here New_Rule_CR49.6.1.

U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas