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See D. Kan. Rule 83.5.2

Members in good standing of the bar(s) of State of Kansas or the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri are eligible for admission to the US District Court of Kansas.


Admission requests and fees are processed through PACER using the attorney’s PACER account.  If the attorney’s PACER account is a legacy account, it must be upgraded before applying for admission to this court.  Step-by-Step instructions for Upgrading a PACER Account


• a sponsoring attorney who is in good standing with our court (the sponsor’s full name and Kansas bar number must be entered in the application for admission, so please have that information available)

• $181.00 admission fee (paid online with Debit/Credit/DirectDebit during the application process)

PACER account (must be an upgraded account).  (Step-by-Step instructions for requesting admission through your PACER account)

No PACER account?  (Step-by-Step instructions for obtaining a PACER account and requesting admission)

A Certificate of Admission and bar card will be mailed to you after approval of your admission request.


Are you attending the Joint Admission Ceremony?

Attorneys who pass the State of Kansas bar exam can be admitted to federal court simultaneously with the state at the Joint Admission Ceremony held each April and September in Topeka.  Complete the online admission form to begin the process  (Step-by-Step instructions for requesting admission through your PACER account)Note:  Attorneys attending the Joint Admission Ceremony do not need a sponsoring attorney.


Pro Hac Vice Admission:  see D. Kan. Rules 83.5.4 and 5.4.2

A member in good standing of the bar of another state, upon motion made by a member of the bar of this court in good standing, may be admitted for the purpose of a particular case only.

  • File written motion which includes affidavit
  • Complete and attach the Pro Hac Vice Attorney Registration Form to the motion (pro hac vice attorneys receive electronic filing notifications but do not receive electronic filing privileges; local counsel must sign and file all documents in the case)
  • Pay $50.00 pro hac vice registration fee through during the filing of the motion in CM/ECF either by credit card or DirectDebit (using a checking or savings account).


Government Attorneys

Government attorneys employed by the US Department of Justice are exempt from the pro hac vice requirement (see 28 USC 515, 517).  Submit an electronic filing request through your PACER account. Click here for instructions.


MDL Attorneys

MDL attorneys are exempt from the pro hac vice requirement [see D.Kan Administrative Procedures I(C)(3)].  Submit an electronic filing request through your PACER account.  Click here for instructions.


Electronic Filing Registration for Attorneys who are Already Admitted to the District of Kansas

If you have already been admitted to the District of Kansas but have not previously requested access to electronically file, please click here for instructions.

Registration Renewal

Bar Status Lookup

Annual Registration Renewal Requirements:  see D. Kan. Rule 83.5.3

Use the Online Attorney Renewal System (OARS) to renew registration or change your status.

Registration renewals accepted from June 1 through the deadline of July 1.  Attorneys who fail to renew by September 1 are terminated pursuant to Local Rule 83.5.3 and will be charged a $100 reinstatement fee.  Renewal is not requiredfor attorneys admitted on or after January 1 of the current year or admitted pro hac vice.

To maintain active status, pay $25.00 registration fee.OARS accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and debit transactions.  Attorneys with pending cases in this court MUST maintain active status.  There is no fee to maintain inactive or retired status.  There are no penalties or reinstatement fees to return to active status, and it is not necessary to pay previous year’s fees.

Address Changes and Information Updates

Change your address through PACER using the Maintenance Tab.  Click here for instructions.

Add/Change/Maintain email address(es) for your additional recipient(s) for CM/ECF notifications

Certificate of Good Standing

To request a certificate of good standing:

  • Login to the District of Kansas’s CM/ECF  (if you do not have a CM/ECF account, request one HERE)
  • Select Utilities on the Menu bar
  • Select Request Certificate of Good Standing
  • A fee of $19.00 per certificate will be charged during the process and can be paid with a checking or savings account or a credit card.

A Statement of Discipline must be ordered separately by email to Attorney Registration, and will only be issued in conjunction with a Certificate of Good Standing request.

Contact the court with questions:

or 913-735-2229

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