(a) Depositions Not Filed. Parties are not to file depositions unless the court orders them to do so.
(b) Delivery of Depositions. The originals of all steno-graphically-reported depositions must be delivered to the party noticing the deposition:
(1) upon signature by the deponent if he or she has requested to review the transcript and to make changes to same;
(2) upon completion if the deponent has not requested to review the transcript; or
(3) upon certification by the shorthand reporter that following reasonable notice to the deponent and deponent’s attorney of the availability of the transcript for signature, the deponent has failed or refused to sign it.
(c) Retention of Originals. The party to whom it is delivered must retain the original of the deposition to be available for appropriate use by any party in a hearing or trial of the case.

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U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas


U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas