(a) In General. At the time the complaint is filed, the plaintiff must file a request stating the name of the city where the plaintiff desires the trial to be held. Unless the court orders otherwise, the plaintiff’s request governs where the case is filed, docketed, and maintained. If a case is conventionally filed, the plaintiff must file a sufficient number of copies of the request to enable service to be made upon all parties.

(b) Request for Location Without Record Office. If the plaintiff requests trial in a location where there is no record office of the court, the case will be docketed and maintained at the record office of the court where the case is filed, unless the court orders otherwise.

(c) Removed Actions. A removing party, at the time of filing the notice of removal as set forth in D. Kan. Rule 81.1, must also file a designation of place of trial.

(d) Responding Party’s Request. The following parties must file a request stating the name of the city where they desire the trial to be held and, unless the court orders otherwise, serve the request upon each party affected thereby:
(1) each defendant, at the time it files its first pleading; and
(2) the plaintiff in a removed action, within 14 days after notice of the removal.

(e) Court Not Bound. The court is not bound by the requests for place of trial. It may determine the place of trial upon motion or in its discretion.

* * *

As amended 12/01/09, 11/16/90.

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