(a) Court Order Required. No one — including the parties, their attorneys, or the agents or employees of either — is permitted to examine or interview any juror, either orally or in writing, except:
(1) by order of the court in its discretion; and
(2) under such terms and conditions as the court establishes.
(b) Restrictions on Interviews. If the court permits examination or interviews of jurors, the following restrictions apply, in addition to any other restrictions the court imposes:
(1) Jurors may refuse all interviews or comments.
(2) If a juror refuses to be interviewed or questioned, no person may repeatedly ask for interviews or comments.
(3) If a juror agrees to an interview, he or she must not disclose any information with respect to:
(A) the specific vote of any juror other than the juror being interviewed; or
(B) the deliberations of the jury.
(c) Notice of Rule. When discharging or excusing empaneled jurors, the court will advise them of this rule.

* * *

As amended 6/18/97, 10/6/87.

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U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas


U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas