(a) Electronic Form Generally Required. Filing Users must submit in electronic form all documents referenced as exhibits or attachments, unless the Administrative Procedures Guide or the court permits conventional filing. Voluminous exhibits must be filed as set forth in the Administrative Procedures Guide.
(b) Use of Excerpts.
(1) In General. A Filing User must submit as exhibits or attachments only those excerpts of the referenced documents that are directly germane to the matter before the court. Excerpted material must be clearly and prominently identified as such.
(2) Right of Filers. Filing Users who file excerpts of documents as exhibits or attachments under this rule do so without prejudice to their right to timely file additional excerpts or the complete document.
(3) Right of Responding Parties. Responding parties may timely file:
(A) additional excerpts that they believe are directly germane; or
(B) the complete document that they believe is directly germane.
(4) Right of the Court. The court may require parties to file additional excerpts or the complete document.

* * *

Adopted 3/17/04.

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U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas