(a) Effect of User LogIn and Password. The user login and password required to submit documents to the Electronic Filing System serve as the Filing User’s signature on all electronic documents filed with the court. They also serve as a signature for purposes of Fed. R. Civ. P. 11, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Local Rules of this court, and any other purpose for which court proceedings require a signature.
(b) Requirements of Electronically-Filed Documents.Each document filed electronically must, if possible, indicate that it has been electronically filed. Electronically-filed documents must include a signature block in compliance with D. Kan. Rule 5.1(c). In addition, the name of the Filing User under whose log-in and password the document is submitted must be preceded by an “s/” and typed in the space where the signature would otherwise appear.
(c) Signature of Non-Filing Users. Documents containing signatures of non-Filing Users must be filed electronically either as a scanned image or with the signature represented by an “s/” and the name typed in the space where the signature would otherwise appear.
(d) Security. No Filing User or other person may knowingly permit or cause to permit a Filing User’s password to be used by anyone other than an authorized agent of the Filing User.
(e) Signature of Multiple Parties. Documents requiring signatures of more than one party must be electronically filed by:
(1) submitting a scanned document containing all necessary signatures;
(2) representing the consent of the other parties on the document as permitted by the administrative procedure governing multiple signatures;
(3) identifying on the document the parties whose signatures are required and by the submission of a notice of endorsement by the other parties no later than seven days after filing; or
(4) in any other manner the court approves.

* * *

As amended 12/01/09. Adopted 3/17/04.

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