(a) Certain Persons Prohibited. No clerk or other court supporting personnel or any practicing attorney will be accepted as surety on any bond or undertaking in any action or proceeding in this court.
(b) Security. Unless the court directs otherwise, every bond or undertaking must be secured by:
(1) a cash deposit equal to the amount of the bond;
(2) a corporation authorized to execute bonds under 31 U.S.C. §§ 93049308; or
(3) an individual residing in the District of Kansas owning sufficient unencumbered real or personal property within the district above all homestead and exemption rights and all obligations as surety, to insure the payment of the amount of the bond and all costs incident to collecting the same.
(c) Minors or Incompetent Persons. In all cases where a minor or an incompetent person has sued and recovered by and through a representative, the bond to be made by the representative must, unless otherwise ordered by the court, be treated in all respects as provided by the existing laws of the State of Kansas with respect to the bond of such representative.

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