(a) Form and Filing. All motions, unless made during a hearing or at trial, must be filed in writing with the clerk. A brief or memorandum must accompany all motions unless:
(1) the motion is joint or unopposed;
(2) the motion is filed pursuant to D. Kan. Rule 6.1 or 77.2;
(3) these rules otherwise provide; or
(4) the court relieves the parties of complying with the requirement.
(b) Joint or Unopposed Motions. If a motion is joint or unopposed, the caption and the body of the motion must so state. Also, the movant must submit a proposed order with the motion. If the motion is filed electronically, the movant must submit a proposed order directly to the appropriate judge, magistrate judge, or the clerk, as set forth in D. Kan. Rule 5.4.4 and the Administrative Procedures Guide.
(c) Responses and Replies to Motions. Within the time provided in D. Kan. Rule 6.1(d), a party opposing a motion must file a responsive brief or memorandum. The moving party may file and serve a written reply brief or memorandum.
(d) Additional Copies of Documents.
(1) Electronically-Filed Documents. Parties should not provide the court with paper copies of electronically-filed documents unless the court specifically requests paper copies or they are otherwise required by:
(A) court order;
(B) this court’s rules; or
C) the Administrative Procedures Guide.
(2) Conventionally-Filed Documents. Copies of documents filed in conventional paper format must be filed with the clerk in duplicate, including an original and one copy.
(e) Page Limitations. The arguments and authorities section of briefs or memoranda must not exceed 30 pages absent a court order.
(f) Supplemental Authorities. If pertinent and significant authorities come to a party’s attention after the party’s final brief has been filed-or after oral argument but before a decision-a party may promptly advise the court clerk by letter filed on the CM/ECF system, with a copy to all other parties, setting forth the citations. The letter must state reasons for the supplemental citations, referring either to the page of the brief or to a point argued orally; if the supplemental citations refer to a brief, the letter must be linked in the ECF system to that brief. The body of the letter must not exceed 350 words. Any response must be made within five business days and must be similarly linked and limited.

* * *

As amended 10/13, 3/05, 3/04, 9/00.

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