(a) Contents. All briefs and memoranda filed with the court must contain:

(1) a statement of the nature of the matter before the court;
(2) a concise statement of the facts, with each statement of fact supported by reference to the record;
(3) a statement of the question or questions presented; and
(4) the argument, which must refer to all statutes, rules, and authorities relied upon.

(b) Exhibits. The filing party must separately label any exhibits attached to motion briefs or memoranda and file an index of such exhibits.

(c) Citation of Unpublished Decisions. If an unpublished decision cited in a brief or memorandum is unavailable electronically (e.g., via Westlaw or LEXIS), it must be attached as an exhibit to the brief or memorandum. But parties should not furnish electronically-available unpublished decisions to the court. Parties should furnish electronically-available unpublished decisions to opposing parties only upon request. Unpublished decisions should be cited as follows: Smith v. Jones, No. 02-1234-KHV, 2003 WL 8763523, at *2 (D. Kan. Jan. 7, 2003).

* * *

As amended 3/04, 5/03, 9/00.

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