(a) Requirements. Court supporting personnel must not disclose to anyone, without authorization by the court, the following information:
(1) information relating to a pending civil case or matter under investigation by the judges, magistrate judges, or clerk of the court that is not a part of the public records of the court;
(2) information concerning pending grand jury proceedings or relating to criminal cases, including, inter alia, grand jury subpoenas, search warrants, copies of the returns thereof, and all papers in connection therewith;
(3) in camera arguments; and
(4) hearings or conferences held in chambers or otherwise outside the presence of the public or not a part of the public records of the court.
(b) Definition. The term “court supporting personnel,” as used in this rule, includes United States probation officers, United States marshals, deputy marshals, judges’ chambers personnel, bailiffs, official court reporters and employees or subcontractors retained by them, court reporters retained by parties, and clerks of the court or their deputies.
(c) Punishment. Any person violating this rule will be subject to punishment as for criminal contempt of court.

* * *

As amended 3/16/92.

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