There is a Bench-Bar Committee appointed by the court.

(a) Membership. The committee consists of the chief judge, such other judges as may from time to time be appointed by the court, the United States Attorney or an assistant he or she designates, the district public defender or an assistant he or she designates, and the chair of the Bench-Bar Committee of the Kansas Bar Association. The judges shall also select one law clerk and nine actively-practicing members of the bar of the court.

(b) Terms of Office. Each member from the United States Attorney’s office, the public defender’s office, and the active bar will serve a three-year term or such other term as the court may decide. The law clerk shall serve a three-year term or such other term as the court may decide.

(c) Meetings. The Bench-Bar Committee will meet at such times as it determines and at the call of the chief judge.

(d) Duties. The Bench-Bar Committee serves general advisory and liaison roles with respect to the operation of the court and will, among other things:

(1) provide a forum for the continuous study of the operating procedures of the court;
(2) serve as liaison among the court, its bar, and the public;
(3) study, consider, and recommend the adoption, amendment, or rescission of the Rules of Practice of the court;
(4) study and promote a continuing legal education program; and
(5) make studies and render reports and recommendations as the court directs.

* * *

As amended 3/17/12, 3/17/10, 5/03, 10/20/93.

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