(a) Documents/Files Sealed after the Effective Date of This Rule.
(1) 10-Year Seal. Any file, pleading, motion, memorandum, order, or other document placed under seal by order of this court in any civil action will be unsealed by operation of this rule 10 years after entry of a final judgment or dismissal unless the court otherwise ordered at the time of entry of such judgment or dismissal.
(2) Renewal. Any party may seek to renew the seal for an additional 10 years or less by filing a motion within six months of the time the seal is to be lifted and providing notice to the remaining parties. There is a rebuttable presumption that the seal will not be renewed. The moving party bears the burden to establish an appropriate basis for renewing the seal
(b) Civil Case Application Only. By its terms, this rule applies only to civil actions and does not apply to sealed files, documents, records, transcripts, or any other matter sealed in criminal cases.

* * *

As amended 3/17/10. New rule, adopted 10/22/98.

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