Except for devices used in connection with official court records, the following are prohibited in the courthouse:
(1) radio or television broadcasting; and
(2) the use of reproduction or recording equipment that is
(a) photographic,
(b) electronic, or
(c) mechanical.

Ceremonial proceedings such as the administration of oaths of office to appointed officials of the court, naturalization, and presentation of portraits or awards may be photographed in or broadcast from the courtroom, only with permission and under the supervision of the court. This rule does not apply to employees who work in the courthouse, or to use of courtrooms by other government agencies.

There is a limited exception to the ban on recording and publication of district court proceedings as set forth in these rules for district judges participating in a pilot program established by the Judicial Conference of the United States in September 2010 (JCUS-SEP 10, pp. 3-4) to study the use of cameras in district courtrooms.

Any recording and broadcasting conducted pursuant to the pilot program must comply with the program guidelines issued by the Judicial Conference Committee on Court Administration and Case Management, pursuant to the pilot program (available at

* * *

As amended 9/11, 3/05 (formerly Amended D. Kan. S.O. 04-2), 9/28/87.

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