(a) Application of Rule. This rule applies to any building occupied or used by the United States Courts in the District of Kansas, and to the environs of any such building. It is in effect at all times that judges, magistrate judges, or court personnel are present, whether or not court proceedings are actively under way.
(b) Persons Subject to Search. All persons seeking entry to a courtroom, to the chambers of any district or magistrate judge, to any offices of the court, or to any of the halls or corridors adjacent thereto are subject to search by the United States Marshal, Deputy United States Marshals, or other officers designated by the Marshal or the court. Such search may include briefcases, parcels, purses, or other containers.
(c) Weapons.
(1) In the Courthouse. No weapons other than exhibits are permitted in the courthouse, with the exception of weapons carried by:
(A) the United States Marshal;
(B) Deputy United States Marshals; (C) Court Security Officers;
(D) Federal Protective Officers;
(E) officers approved by the court, the United States Marshal, or by federal law; and
(F) authorized law enforcement officers whose official duty station is the courthouse.
(2) In the Courtrooms. No person other than a United States Marshal, Deputy United States Marshal, Court Security Officer, or officer approved by the court or United States Marshal is permitted to bring a weapon other than an exhibit into any courtroom, except as specifically permitted by this rule.
(3) Exhibits. Any firearm intended for introduction as an exhibit must be presented to the United States Marshal for a safety check before it is brought into any courtroom.
(d) Emergency Mutual Aid. This rule does not apply during emergency mutual aid situations occurring at any building occupied or used by this court. Exemptions include, but are not limited to, police response to calls for assistance, fire and/or first aid response to rescue calls, or law enforcement and emergency response to critical building emergencies. When possible, the United States Marshal and/or Court Security Officer should be notified of the need to exempt this rule.

* * *

As amended 2/95, 11/93.

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