(a) Members. The bar of this court consists of those attorneys admitted to practice before this court who have taken the oath prescribed by the rules in force at the time they were admitted; who have signed the roll of attorneys maintained by the clerk; and who remain in good standing.
(b) Non-Members. Law firms, law partnerships, and corporations may not be members of the bar of this court. No attorney will be permitted to appear in any action or proceeding merely because he or she is associated in a firm, partnership, or corporation, one or more members of which are admitted to practice in this court.
(c) Pro Se Appearances. Only attorneys enrolled as provided in paragraph (a) of this rule or duly admitted pro hac vice may appear or practice in this court. But nothing in these rules prohibits any individual from appearing personally on his or her own behalf.
(d) Applicability. These rules governing attorneys who practice before the court are applicable to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Kansas.

* * *

As amended 10/20/93.

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