(a) Kansas Rules. The Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct (D. Kan. Rule 83.6.1) as adopted and amended by the Supreme Court of Kansas are adopted by this court as the applicable standards of professional conduct, except as otherwise provided by a specific rule of this court.
(b) Disciplinary Enforcement. For misconduct defined in these rules, and after proceedings conducted in accordance with these rules, any attorney within the disciplinary jurisdiction of this court may be disbarred, suspended from practice, reprimanded, or subjected to other appropriate disciplinary action.
(c) Standards of Conduct. Any of the following acts or omissions by an attorney constitute misconduct and are grounds for discipline:
(1) Acts or omissions that violate the standards of professional conduct adopted by this court;
(2) Conduct violating applicable rules of professional conduct of another jurisdiction;
(3) Willful disobedience of a court order requiring the attorney to do or forebear an act connected with or in the course of the practice of law;
(4) Willful violation of the attorney’s oath prescribed by these rules;
(5) Neglect or refusal, on demand, to pay over or to deliver money or property due or belonging to a client, except where such money or property is retained under a bona fide claim of a lien for services;
(6) Destroying, secreting, fraudulently withdrawing, mutilating, or altering any paper, record, or exhibit belonging to the files or records in any action or proceeding;
(7) Willful violations of a valid order of the court, the Disciplinary Panel, or a hearing panel; and
(8) The willful failure to appear before or respond to a lawful demand from disciplinary authority, except that this rule does not require disclosure of information otherwise protected by applicable rules relating to confidentiality.

* * *

As amended 3/17/04, 9/17/99, 10/22/98.

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