(a) Suspension, Disbarment, or the Surrender of a License in Another Jurisdiction.
(1) Clerk’s Duty. The clerk must issue an order of interim suspension-temporarily suspending an attorney from practicing law in the District and Bankruptcy Courts of this District-upon receipt of a certified or exemplified copy of an order by another jurisdiction suspending, disbarring, or accepting the surrender of the license to practice law of the attorney.
(2) Application for Relief. An attorney may petition for relief from an order of interim suspension by directing a written application to a member of the Disciplinary Panel. Upon receipt of the application, the Disciplinary Panel may consider reinstatement of the attorney while the disciplinary proceedings are pending at a hearing to be conducted as provided for in subsection (b).
(3) Notification to Judges. The judges, magistrate judges, and bankruptcy judges of the District and Bankruptcy Courts assigned to any cases in which the attorney is an attorney of record must be notified of the filing of the application and the date and time of any hearing.
(b) Public or Private Censure in Another Jurisdiction.
(1) Citation. If the discipline administered by the other jurisdiction only includes the lesser sanction of public or private censure, the Disciplinary Panel may issue a citation on its own motion. The citation will direct an attorney against whom disciplinary or disability proceedings are pending in this court or in any other jurisdiction to:
(A) appear before a member of the Disciplinary Panel; and
(B) show cause why that attorney should not be suspended during the pendency of such proceedings. The show cause order and a copy of the document initiating the disciplinary proceeding must be served personally or by certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed to the attorney at his or her most current address on file with the clerk of this court.
(2)Disciplinary Panel’s Action. After hearing, or if the respondent fails to appear as ordered, the Disciplinary Panel may enter an order suspending the attorney from practice for a definite or indefinite period or may discharge the citation.

* * *

As amended 9/23/05, 3/17/04, 11/16/90.

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