(a) Applicability of Bankruptcy Rule 9033. Where the Bankruptcy Court has issued proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law in a particular matter, Bankruptcy Rule 9033 applies to the review of those findings and conclusions, regardless of whether the proceeding has been designated core or non-core.

(b) Objections; Designation of Record. If a party objects to the proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law filed by a bankruptcy judge, the party shall serve and file along with its objection a designation of the items contained in the Bankruptcy Court record that the party believes the district judge will need to review the proposed findings and conclusions as provided by Bankruptcy Rule 9033(d). Within the time allowed for responding to the objection, any other party shall serve and file a designation of any additional items in the record that the party believes the district judge will need. If any party designates a transcript of a proceeding or any part thereof, the party shall immediately deliver to the reporter (in the event the matter was recorded by a court reporter) and file with the clerk a written request for the transcript and make satisfactory arrangements for the payment of its cost.

(c) Transmission to District Court. The Bankruptcy Court clerk shall transmit to the District Court clerk a copy of the proposed findings and conclusionsOn receiving the proposed findings and conclusions, the District Court clerk will assign the matter to a district judge.

(d) Specificity Required. The district judge may summarily overrule objections lacking specificity as to allegedly erroneous findings or conclusions.

(e) Entry of Order. If no objection has been timely filed or if the parties consent in writing, the district judge may accept the recommendations of the bankruptcy judge and enter appropriate orders without further notice.

* * *

As amended 3/17/14, 6/18/97.

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