No petition lodged or filed by a prisoner under the Interstate Agreement on Detainers (18 U.S.C., Appendix III) for relief of any sort from the effect of a state detainer shall be entertained unless (a) the petitioner has, at least 180 days prior to the date of lodging or filing his petition, given or sent to the warden or other official having petitioner’s custody for delivery to the prosecuting officer of the jurisdiction in which the case giving rise to the detainer is pending, and to the appropriate court, a written notice of the place of his imprisonment and his request for a final disposition to be made of the indictment, information or complaint upon which the detainer is based; and (b) the petitioner has not been brought to trial on such indictment, information, or complaint.

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U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas


U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas