Pro Bono Recognition

The Judges of the U.S. District Court, District of Kansas extend a special thank you to the dedicated professionals who  have accepted a pro bono appointment and served the legal needs of the economically underprivileged in their communities for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.  Pro bono work not only assists the court for the public good, it affords attorneys the benefits of expanding knowledge of the law, increasing practice scope and professional identity as well as gaining cross-cultural skills with which to serve emerging populations.

Honor Roll of Attorneys Providing Pro Bono Services

The following list comprises the Honor Roll of Pro Bono Attorneys who have accepted an appointment to represent one civil litigant or more in the District of Kansas without compensation and whose cases are closed.


Fred Bellemere III
Randell G. Collins
Joshua D. Seiden
Erin C. Thompson



Randell G. Collins
Nathan Elliott
Jacob Graybill
N. Russell Hazelwood
Donald Peterson II
Sean McGivern
Randall Rathbun
Joseph Schremmer
Gerard Scott
Patrick Turner



Cordero A. Delgadillo
Larry McMullen
Christina M. Pyle
Michael T. Raupp
Patrick Turner



Michael J. Gallagher



Fred Bellemere III
Molly M. Gordon
Carl E. Cornwell II
Donald S. Prophete

U.S. Federal Court District of Kansas