It is ordered that whenever a judge or magistrate judge of this court shall determine that there are reasonable grounds to believe that there may be disruption of any matter, hearing or trial over which he is to preside he may enter a Special Order containing the following provisions together with other provisions which he may deem necessary to insure that there be no such disruption:

  1. No person shall be permitted to loiter, sleep, or conduct himself in an unseemly or disorderly manner in the rooms, halls, courtrooms, or entry ways of the building in which the trial or hearing is to be conducted or on any stairway leading thereto; or otherwise interfere with or obstruct judicial activities or proceedings;
  2. Jurors, attorneys, witnesses, and others having business with the court shall enter and leave the courtroom only by such doorways and at such times as shall be designated by the United States Marshal or the United States Security Officer having responsibility for the security of the court;
  3. No persons carrying a bag, case, or parcel shall be permitted to enter or remain in any courtroom, room, hall, or entry way of the courthouse without first, if requested, submitting such bag, case, or parcel to the appropriate United States Marshal, Deputy Marshal, or Security Officer for inspection;
  4. Spectators shall be allowed to sit in that portion of a courtroom allocated by the Marshal or Security Officer for spectator seating. No spectator shall be admitted to or allowed to remain in a courtroom unless spectator seating is then available. If spectator seating is not available within the confines of the courtroom, those persons for whom seating is not available shall not be permitted in the halls or rooms adjacent to the courtroom;
  5. Spectators leaving a courtroom while court is in session or at any recess shall not loiter in the halls or rooms of the courthouse and may be readmitted to the courtroom only in accordance with the provisions of this order.

Whenever any such Special Order is issued, a copy shall be posted at each doorway or entrance to the courtroom.

Any such order shall remain in effect until revoked, suspended, or modified by the issuing judge or magistrate judge or by a majority vote of the district judges.

This Standing Order shall be effective when filed and shall remain in effect until further order of the court.

DATED this 1st day of January, 1988.

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