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Correcting Errors in Documents

Once a document is submitted in CM/ECF, it becomes the official record of the court.  If a document is filed and then you discover a problem with the document (typographical error, missing pages, incorrect version attached, etc.) the proper way to correct the error is to file a motion to amend/correct the document and attach a copy of the corrected document to the entry, in accordance with D. Kan. 15.1.  If the parties agree, it may be acceptable to file an amended/corrected version of the document without filing a motion.  The amended/corrected document will be a separate entry on the docket and will not be attached to the original entry.  Any deadlines triggered by the filing of the document containing the error would run from the filing of the original document unless otherwise directed by the court.

Jury Evidence Recording System  (JERS)

The Jury Evidence Recording System (JERS)  captures evidence electronically before and during a trial.  It provides easy access to evidence during deliberation through the use of touch screen computers, reducing the need for the courtroom deputy and jurors to handle physical evidence.  For more information CLICK HERE.


Local Rule 16.3 governs mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in this district.  Magistrate Judge James P. O’Hara is the District’s ADR Coordinator.

Order Relating to Appointment – Alternative Dispute Resolution Administrator

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The court uses CiteLinks, a program that scans documents for citations (when properly cited according to The Bluebook) and creates hyperlinks for court employees to Westlaw, Lexis, or other research providers.  The program also hyperlinks contemporaneously filed attachments  and previously filed documents in CM/ECF  when they are properly described during filing (click here for instructions).  Although it is not necessary to manually add hyperlinks to documents, CiteLinks will not alter/modify/change hyperlinks already provided by attorneys.

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