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Gupta, Angela D.

Contact Information:

Name: Gupta, Angela D.
Address: Main Office (mailing address): 212 SW 8th Avenue, Suite 207 Topeka, Kansas 66603 Kansas City Office (by appointment only): Livestock Exchange Building 1600 Genessee, Suite 838 Kansas City, Missouri 64102
Phone: 913-558-6963
Fax: 785-357-0008
Practice Region: Kansas City, KS

Bar Admissions

District of Kansas: 15388 ()
Others: Missouri, 1991
In Good Standing: Yes

ADR Experience

Experience: I have mediated over 65 cases involving a variety of disputes including employment discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, disability accommodation, FMLA, wage and hour, breach of contract, consumer protection, patent infringement, civil rights, wrongful death, negligence, personal injury, and property damage. I am an Approved Mediator by the Kansas Supreme Court and currently serve on Arbitration panels for FINRA and on a Special Master Legal Team for David R. Cohen in the Opioid MDL in N.D. Ohio.
Lead Mediator Sessions: 55
Co-Mediator Sessions: 12
Counsel for a Party Sessions:  

ADR Training

Course Info: In 2019, I completed 40+ hours of supplemental mediation training at the Mediating the Litigated Case program at Pepperdine University School of Law, Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution (2019, 40+ CME hours). Further, in 2020, I completed 15+ hours of arbitration training at the ABA's 13th Annual Arbitration Training Institute in Phoenix, Arizona (2020, 15+ CLE hours). This is in addition to 48 hours of civil and core mediation training at Johnson County Community College in 2013. Since 2013, I have completed at least 6 hours of mediation training annually, including the following: Taking a Deep Dive in Dispute Resolution, Associates in Dispute Resolution LLC (2021, 7.0 CDRE hours); Dispute Resolution Through a 2020 Lens, Associates in Dispute Resolution LLC (2020, 6.5 CDRE hours); Updates and Outliers in Dispute Resolution, KBA ADR Section (2019, 7 CME hours); Hot Topics in Dispute Resolution, Associates in Dispute Resolution, LLC (2019, 6 CME hours); Beyond Logic: Use of Emotion in Mediation, Johnson County Community College (2018, 6.5 CME hours); Mediating Dangerously and Mediation Insights on Conflict Resolution, Heartland Mediators Association (2017, 3 CME hours); Successfully Managing Dispute Resolution, Associates in Dispute Resolution, LLC (2014, 7 CME hours). Additionally, I have made the following CME speaking presentations: "Cognitive Biases and Their Effect on Negotiations and Decision-Making," KBA ADR Dispute Resolution Section, 2021; "Hidden Bias and Its Impact on Negotiations & Decision-Making," Associates in Dispute Resolution LLC, 2020; Moderator, "Judicial Perspectives on Mediation," KBA ADR Section, 2019; "Navigating Mediation in the District of Kansas," Associates in Dispute Resolution LLC, 2019.
Total CME Hours: 59.5
Approved Mediator for Civil Cases by the State of Kansas: Yes

Legal Experience

Experience: In 2019, I retired from the District of Kansas, where I spent over 20 years providing direct assistance and legal counsel to Judge Kathryn H. Vratil (and sometimes other judges) in countless cases through all stages of litigation, including dispositive motions, review of discovery rulings, evidentiary matters, court hearings, and jury trials. Examples of the types of cases include employment discrimination and retaliation, negligence, breach of contract, products liability, consumer protection, landlord/tenant, insurance coverage, franchisee/franchisor, medical malpractice, First Amendment, Section 1983 claims including wrongful arrest, excessive force and cruel and unusual punishment, qualified immunity, civil conspiracy, class actions, and settlement approvals. My most significant work included the Motor Fuel Temperature Sales Practices Litigation, a multi-district litigation proceeding comprised of 51 cases asserting class claims under the laws of 26 states, including breach of contract, breach of warranty, fraud, and consumer protection. Over the course of nine years, I worked closely with the District Judge to help manage the MDL proceedings and issue rulings on motions to dismiss, class certification, objections to magistrate judge rulings regarding procedural and discovery issues including First Amendment and attorney-client privilege, class notice, admission of expert testimony, summary judgment, settlement approval, and attorneys’ fees. In addition, I assisted with a two-week bellwether jury trial involving class action claims for violation of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act. Since leaving the Court, in addition to mediating cases, I provide legal analysis and decision-making expertise to Special Master David R. Cohen regarding summary judgment, evidentiary, and trial-related matters in the Opioid MDL Litigation in the Northern District of Ohio.
Active Litigation: 5+ Years
% representing Plaintiffs
% representing Defendants
100% in Federal Courts
% in State Courts
Other Experience: Prior to my work at the Court, I litigated cases as an Assistant United States Attorney and in two Kansas City law firms. At the United States Attorney’s Office, I advocated as lead attorney on behalf of the United States, federal agencies, and federal employees in cases involving employment, civil rights, labor, personal injury, debt collection, tax, bankruptcy, and foreclosure matters under state and federal law. In these cases, I handled all aspects of discovery, pleadings, motions practice, court hearings, trials, and settlement negotiations. In private practice, I represented corporations and individuals in cases involving commercial, employment, and bankruptcy disputes. My experience included first and second chair trial work, court hearings, all aspects of discovery including depositions and expert witnesses, pleadings, motions practice, mediation, and settlement negotiations.
Education: University of Pennsylvania, J.D. (1991) University of Kansas, B.S. Business Administration, With Distinction (1988)
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Fee Structure

Rate: $350/hr.