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Attorney Registration for E-Filing

Attorney Registration for Electronic Filing in Kansas District Court

Attorneys admitted to the bar of this court (including those admitted pro hac vice)  and others as the court deems appropriate, may register as Filing Users of the court's Electronic Filing System.  See  D.Kan Rule 5.4.2 for Filing User requirements.   

Filing Users must have a PACER account to obtain access to the Kansas District Court NextGen CM/ECF system. 

How to Obtain E-filing Access:

Go to PACER to register for a PACER account, request admission to practice, and register for E-Filing privileges: 

If you do not yet have a PACER account:

Select Register for an Account 

Select Attorney Filers for CM/ECF from the drop down list 

Follow instructions to Register for PACER Account  

After you register for a PACER account, you may request admission to practice, and you may register for E-Filing privileges.   

In  PACER,  

Log in to Manage My Account  

Follow instructions to complete the Attorney Admissions  and E-File Registration processes for admission to practice and electronically file in U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas, a NextGen CM/ECF court.   

You may register for a PACER account, request Attorney Admissions and Register for E-Filing privileges at one time, or you may complete each process at separate times.  You must register for a PACER account first.   

You will receive email notification from Kansas District Court regarding your registration.

Click here for a step by step guide.


Attorney Registration Coordinator