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Court Appointed Counsel in Civil Actions

The District of Kansas Local Rule 83.5.3 (f) addresses procedures to be followed by court-appointed counsel who represent indigent parties in civil cases. Counsel must follow these procedures if they wish to seek reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenditures which counsel are reasonably compelled to incur, which the client is not able to pay, and which are not otherwise recoverable in the action (including settlement). 

To qualify for reimbursement, all expenditures must be approved in advance by the court. 

To seek advance approval for expenses 

  • Use Authority to Reimburse Court Appointed Counsel (Civil) form.
  • Complete items 1 through 9 on the form.  
  • Submit form to Clerk's Office.  
  • Clerk's Office will share with presiding judge, and, if the requested amount exceeds $3,000, the Chief Judge. 
  • Counsel will be contacted by the presiding judge or Chief Judge if more information or clarification is needed.  
  • If the request is approved, counsel will be notified that they are authorized to incur the expenses.   
  • The form will be returned to counsel for retention until termination of the case.   

After the case is closed 

  • On the original form, counsel should complete items 11 through 13.  
  • Submit the form to the Clerk's Office.    
  • The Clerk's Office will share the form with the presiding judge for approval of payment.