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Courtroom Technology

Annotation Monitors
Touch-sensitive monitors at the witness stand and on a mobile cart allow the displayed image to be electronically marked up.   

Assisted Listening
Infrared headsets are provided in the courtroom for the hearing impaired and for foreign language speakers.
Attorney Lectern/Attorney Tables
HDMI and VGA connections are available in most courtrooms, for connecting electronic devices to display evidence. Participants will need to bring adapters.  Contact the Courtroom Deputy to schedule a time to test your equipment.  
Document Camera
A document camera at the attorney lectern displays on all monitors in the courtroom.  
Foreign language interpretation
Foreign language interpretation for non-English speaking participants must be requested from the Courtroom Deputy at least five (5) days prior to the court event.  
A sound system captures and projects the proceedings throughout the room and to remote participants.   
Video Conference Equipment
Video conferences can be held in certain courtrooms.   Contact the Courtroom Deputy at least five (5) days prior to the court event to seek approval and arrange for technical support.   
Video Monitors
Monitors for displaying evidence are at the judge's bench, Courtroom Deputy bench, jury area, witness stand and attorney tables.
Wireless Internet Access

Wireless access to the internet by attorneys and their staff is throughout the courthouse.